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h0530 – 前週月曜日 午後5時55分

20180503 Yoyogi FINAL in Japan

Astaroth – 前週月曜日 午後9時58分
@h0530 Can you explain why Japan prefers 4-way matches instead of 1v1?
Is it a perceived balancing issue in 1v1?

RDude – 前週月曜日 午後11時5分
It could be that there are a couple different tournaments in Japan.

Hiroyoshi – 昨日 午前1時11分
@Astaroth Because it is designed for 4 players. “Gift” is the proof.

Great Pluckster (SwapGo) – 昨日 午前4時14分
Hopefully my custom firmware wont get in the way of us playing together 1v1, then ill be miffed
Worst case, we can use his DS to play online, I just have to bully the shit out of Gen again

Andyman – 昨日 午前4時15分

h0530 – 昨日 午前7時29分
@Astaroth And all official tournaments and most of the official online rankings were 4 players match. So we’re playing too.

Alcks – 昨日 午前8時10分
Because Japan is an open air insane asylum, that’s why
Might as well just flip a coin and decide the winner that way

Someone packed land drain in a 4 player match

Andyman – 昨日 午前8時47分
I love Land Drain in multiplayer haha
but only on larger maps
pick on whoever has the most

RDude – 昨日 午前8時49分
I’ll have to try and download the video for this when I’m out one of these times so I can watch.

Alcks – 昨日 午前9時0分
Holy, Old willow in a 4 man FFA. This guy surely has balls
ホーリシット!4人戦の攻撃さらされる状況(Free for Attack)でオールドウィロウ入れてるぞ。肝っ玉のすわった男だぜ!

Andyman – 昨日 午前9時0分
call that deck “Hate Magnet”

Alcks – 昨日 午前9時1分
Life expectancy: 1 round

Andyman – 昨日 午前9時1分
reminds me of a Saga match on Zanador where 3 of us were running Spud Folk decks and player 4 was running Kelpie… he got owned worse than I’ve ever seen in a 4-way haha

OldWillowScrub – 昨日 午前9時37分
You best love old willow
Or else

Alcks – 昨日 午前9時44分
Finished watching it
My god, their meta is
There were literally 0 offensive items/spells all game long
Someone was running Flame duke with 0 weapons
The Old willow survived all game long. It was never attacked at all!

Weslord – 昨日 午前10時3分
The old willow also only got one toll.
Magical leaps for days.

RDude – 昨日 午前10時3分
Sounds like they have evolved with anti-spell in mind.

Weslord – 昨日 午前10時4分
Which is weird because the only anti-spell thing actually there was cait sith.
They do seem to think differently.

RDude – 昨日 午前10時4分
Plus a priority on making tolls.

Weslord – 昨日 午前10時5分
They were willingly throwing away living gloves after they got past 80.
And were using fireshift on tiamat when they could have just killed something that was next to it.
Blackout seems like a great choice in their world.

RDude – 昨日 午前10時7分
My guess with fireshift is that they appreciate dropping the opponent total magic value rather than stealing it.
Now I really want to see it. I’ll be out today in a few so I’ll be able to see what happened later if my video downloader works.
How many had 50+ hp on average?
That’s the alternative to having anti-spell for geyser.
*for beating geyser

Alcks – 昨日 午前10時20分
I’d guess geyser wouldn’t be a thing in 4-way, because it costs an arm and a leg, and the resulting power vacuum will most likely just be filled by another rival
if literally no one is packing dedicated offense, you could defend all your important stuff with weapons like Napalm Arrow, Wand, Catapult, while still getting rid of the 100 living amulet everyone is using
And on that note, since everyone is gonna use 4 amulets, and no one uses weapons… why the hell doesn’t anyone use burning heart???

RDude – 昨日 午前10時30分
They can’t take tolls if there’s nothing there.

Alcks – 昨日 午前10時36分
I’m watching another video and apparently they released DLC in Japan! There’s something called a “Shocker” there!

RDude – 昨日 午後3時59分
I saw 2 different videos with shocker. I also couldn’t find any 1v1 matches that didn’t involve the ai.

RDude – 昨日 午後4時10分
As I thought, the meta in Japan seemed to involve high stat creatures that are barely or out of range of geyser, and Warlock Disk, Gremlin’s Eye, and Reactive Armor makes it hard for weapons to exist. Also all of them had 3 Magical Leap seen in game. Finally that time where someone threw away 80+ Living Gloves was the guy who had old Willow up, and at that point they were prioritizing stuff to keep it safe.
The lack of Weapons caused Living Amulet to appear quite often too. 3 out of 4 had Land Drain (2 each in fact). Both times Theft was used by 2 players, one to steal Gift, one to stop Magical Leap to be used to get past Willow. The top 2 both had Land Transfer. And every one had a neutralize shield.
First place was a mono water user, 2nd was a mono Earth user, and 3rd and 4th was a mono fire user
Both Fire user had Barrier. All of them had at least 1 (land) Shift card in their deck.
Both Fire users had 1 Knight-errant, one had 3 Birdmaidens, one had 3 Cait Sith. Besides those and all of the Living Gloves and Amulet, every creature had 40 or more HP.
2 users had Spiked Shield, 2 had Magma Armor, and 1 had a Dimond Shield.
The only hidden cards in game was used by one person. One was thrown away, the other was that last turn Fluxion. 2 had Drain Magic, and the remaining cards used by one person only was Holy World 8, Vortex, Quicksand, Philosophy, Relief, and Spartoi.
I should note that there was more creatures with 50+ hp than 40- less hp not counting Living Gloves/Amulet.
That’s my analysis of the books they used. I’ll see about posting what I put down for their books later.
4th place I noticed had the only possible misplay (attaching a Specter Robe to Knight-errant vs. a 20/20 Living Glove, though I sepose that was in case they defended), had the Flame Duke without Weapons, and was the only one not fortunate enough to have magical leap to get past old Willow. They also were the ones that used the last turn Fluxion.
They all used 31-34 cards during the match, so there may be more cards inside their books (like weapons for Flame Duke for example).
Ok I’m done.

Andyman – 昨日 午後8時7分
🙂 nice!

RDude – 昨日 午後10時42分
Myper Offense is not good for a 4-way too.
1st place book: https://twitter.com/saiko525356/status/992985125360041984

2nd place book: https://twitter.com/Tomo686/status/993156514838806534

Can’t find 3rd or 4th place books, but there’s a lot of similar ones. 3rd had at least 3 Birdmaidens, while 4th had Spartoi, so that made it easy too look for.

Astaroth – 昨日 午後10時58分
I would NOT use Birdmaidens in a free for all. You’re just asking to get them invaded and have them be dead draws

Andyman – 昨日 午後10時59分
I treat Birdmaiden as expendable in FFA
I use her to rearrange other stuff, and if she dies, she dies

RDude – 昨日 午後11時30分
Birdmaiden user also had Old Willow

Andyman – 昨日 午後11時31分
interesting, since Willow and Cait don’t benefit from Birdmaiden directly

RDude – 昨日 午後11時35分
Here’s a similar Fire book to what 3rd and 4th used:

No Clouds or Pyron, but otherwise really close.
There’s a good number of books for this (these) tournament(s) posted under the #book2png tag including Air books and 3 other books used by the champion.
In just the last few days.

Sonatro – 昨日 午後11時52分
I’d like to copy one of these decks but I don’t have the cards

RDude – 昨日 午後11時52分
You do see Geysers, Chainsaw, Burning Heart, Sneak Hand, and such included with the different items and spells I mentioned above in those decks

Andyman – 昨日 午後11時52分
@Sonatro you can always adapt them to what you do have

Sonatro – 昨日 午後11時52分
Yeah I could, but ehh…..
I’m lazy and I don’t want to think. Kappa

RDude – 昨日 午後11時53分
Just 1 or 2 in total per book just about though.

Andyman – 昨日 午後11時53分
I rarely use a deck as-is anyway… I usually borrow ideas from it and work them into something else I have

Sonatro – 昨日 午後11時54分
Also, I’m on Chaos Palace and having issues. Maybe cause I’m using Kelpie


Andyman – 昨日 午後11時54分
hard map to use Kelpie, for sure
2 prime lands on that one, and to pull it off well, you’d probably need a Kelpie on both
the 2 morph lands in the middle intersections
Sonatro – 昨日 午後11時55分
the only good spot for it is those Blue lands and Morph Lands near the magic trap
I have a Kelpie on one of those
Andyman – 昨日 午後11時56分
that’ll ensure that folks have to pass your Kelpie if they want to lap
Sonatro – 昨日 午後11時56分
but I also need a dominant growth to make sure I don’t get totally wrecked.
Andyman – 昨日 午後11時56分
but they could just avoid it if you have the other path still open
(and not lap)
Sonatro – 昨日 午後11時57分
Andyman – 昨日 午後11時57分
Sonatro – 昨日 午後11時57分
Andyman – 昨日 午後11時57分
Thunderclap, probably
Sonatro – 昨日 午後11時57分
Yeah, I assume it was something thunder related
Andyman – 昨日 午後11時57分
I like to Fat Body the crap out of my Kelpies
Sonatro – 昨日 午後11時58分
I should get Fat Body in this deck as opposed to dominant growth
Andyman – 昨日 午後11時58分
Dominant Growth is cool, but I use Greed too, and those 2 conflict
it’s always amazing to me how one lv3+ Greedy Kelpie toll can turn a match on its head
RDude – 昨日 午後11時59分
Magic Barrier is great too.
Sonatro – 昨日 午後11時59分
Yeah. I’ll FatBody and Greed, take the Eagle Rapiers out of my deck(編集済)
Andyman – 今日 午前12時0分
in my Kelpie deck, I don’t even bother trying to take land
I use Peace and Scylla to zero tolls
Sonatro – 今日 午前12時0分
I take land as a backup
Andyman – 今日 午前12時1分
I use Land Drain to fuel the Kelpie leveling… everything other than Kelpie is expendable
even a 2-chain is enough to wreck the AI 🙂
and yeah, Magic Shelter is handy once you’ve buffed your Kelpie (if you’re concerned about direct damage, that is)
RDude – 今日 午前12時4分
Mad Harlequin is great. Caladrius is good to have a temporary boost if needed.
Andyman – 今日 午前12時5分
yeah, especially if you can block Kelpie in
that also helps to prevent Outrage and Thrust Blow shenanigans
RDude – 今日 午前12時8分
Sleipnir or Birdmaiden to get that good spot for Kelpsie and getting Mad Harlequin boost. Makara is the best card for setting Kelpsie up.
Andyman – 今日 午前12時11分
I like Echinoderm and Kawahime too… exploit Vigorous to claim the prime land and level up quickly
Relief is also really handy
I was using Moon Scimitar for awhile on the toll-zeroing end, but switched to Scylla once I got enough
since she doesn’t have to hit them, only survive the battle
one thing I’ve noticed in Revolt (compared to the previous games)… the AI doesn’t think ahead as far when dealing with Kelpie and Willow
it’ll happily roll right up next to Kelpie, where in the past it would avoid that path at all costs
I used to exploit that a lot in the older games… just put a Kelpie next to a vital intersection, and the AI simply wouldn’t lap
harder to do that now that there’s no castle
smashing the AI with a Kelpie or Willow deck just never gets old for me haha
RDude – 今日 午前12時35分
I tend to use Healer in my deck. Works for healing spell damage so I don’t have to worry about it.
Andyman – 今日 午前12時47分
I like that approach
imo, Healer’s SA should do a full heal, but since she’s Vigorous, you can do it again right away
Sonatro – 今日 午前12時55分
Alright, I’m getting into the “everything is a resource for Kelpie” mindset
Andyman – 今日 午前12時56分
get Kelpie setup ASAP, protect Kelpie at all costs… the match will turn in your favor in a big hurry
only against the AI though
try that against a human and they’ll delight in making you pay hard
basically because of Vigorous creatures (they’ll just beat on Kelpie until it dies)
Andyman – 今日 午前1時28分
hehe… I just visited a Gem Store, spent all but 6G, then passed a Magic Trap and lost 1G :laughing:
RDude – 今日 午前1時48分
Sonatro – 今日 午前1時57分
Alrighty then! Chaos Palace is done.
Andyman – 今日 午前2時0分
Sonatro – 今日 午前2時10分
that was painful
but Kelpie still pulled through
Aye, Free Powder Eater from logging online today!
Andyman – 今日 午前2時15分
RDude – 今日 午前2時17分
One of those Japanese videos I saw had Powder Eater+ Mass Phantom on 1HP puffs.
Andyman – 今日 午前2時19分
sounds a little like the plan that Russel09 used in Saga… unbuffed PEs to fuel Gremlin + Storm Armor invasions (you could do it with Storm Halberd in Revolt)
RDude – 今日 午前2時19分
And Garuda too.
Andyman – 今日 午前2時19分
he used Pegasus in Saga, and I’m sure Cu Sith would work well
as the G dump
RDude – 今日 午前2時21分
Pegasus doses what exactly?
Sonatro – 今日 午前2時22分
Hm… I want to make a Goblin Deck, but that seems like a terrible idea.
Andyman – 今日 午前2時22分
Pegasus (N)(Air)
ST:30 HP:20 MHP:20 G:60
Item Limit: Scrolls
Attacks First / Cannot be targeted by spells or territory abilities / Neutralizes: Scroll attacks.
Pegasus + Air Shield = they’re pretty much paying up unless they have something that can smash your item
and in Saga, there wasn’t anything like Murasame or Napalm Arrow
Sonatro – 今日 午前2時24分
I was about to say that.
RDude – 今日 午前2時24分
What’s the best scroll that’s not in Revolt?
Andyman – 今日 午前2時24分
Nuclear Fusion, 50ST
Sonatro – 今日 午前2時24分
Andyman – 今日 午前2時25分
scrolls are pretty weak in the older games
RDude – 今日 午前2時25分
Were there at least crits to take advantage of?
Andyman – 今日 午前2時25分
and Tetrarm was in Saga
Sonatro – 今日 午前2時26分
that’s still almost strong enough to take out my Blue Dragon, and enough to take out my Yellow Dragon
RDude – 今日 午前2時27分
Of course anything with 80+hp with armor can resist that so I can see why.
Andyman – 今日 午前2時29分
yeah, and scrolls are still kinda spendy
I wish they had improved Soul Ray just a little, maybe 40ST
RDude – 今日 午前2時32分
Home Ground+Chilling Blast would work well with the puff combo too.
Andyman – 今日 午前2時32分
PEs can’t use scrolls, but other creatures in the deck could
PE + scroll would be evil 🙂
PE + Twin Spike would be fun
RDude – 今日 午前2時35分
Yeah, I was meaning for other creatures.
(And yes, I’ve gone the way of the Blerple.)
Andyman – 今日 午前2時36分
no idea what that means hehe
RDude – 今日 午前2時37分
This thing going on= https://discord.gg/qEmKyCf
Andyman – 今日 午前2時38分
ok? haha
I figured Discord was much older than 3 years
RDude – 今日 午前2時41分
Took me a while to figure out why all the different channels I’m on started changing colors.
Andyman – 今日 午前2時42分
RDude – 今日 午前2時42分
Nope. It only seems that way with all the of social medias. Discord is just a baby.
Andyman – 今日 午前2時43分
really happy @SBRJCT suggested we move to Discord… I love IRC, but Discord demolishes it
RDude – 今日 午前2時44分
The change of my icon is nice, but I’m mostly trying to get one of the giveaways.
Andyman – 今日 午前2時44分
RDude – 今日 午前2時45分
Anything Steam related or a Nitro upgrade I don’t need so I’ll probably just share it here.
Andyman – 今日 午前2時46分
RDude – 今日 午前2時47分
I thought I saw something about 6 months bot hosting too.
Andyman – 今日 午前2時47分
that’d be cool
RDude – 今日 午前2時49分
Just got be that 1 out of 900+ per giveaway. :sweat_smile:
Andyman – 今日 午前3時12分
2 more Starter deck quest stages down… only 3 to go now! :smiley:


Sonatro – 今日 午前3時22分
Andyman – 今日 午前3時22分
that’s a nod to the final stage in Culdcept DC/PS2/3DS, which was the same way
(sorry to spoil, for anyone who didn’t already know that)
RDude – 今日 午前3時23分
But he only appears in one stage though, and you can’t fight Shadow again after .
Sonatro – 今日 午前3時23分
I’m blown away
RDude – 今日 午前3時24分
(Unless you’re like me of course and unlock him using cheats.)
Sonatro – 今日 午前3時24分
RDude – 今日 午前3時26分
I only started using cheats after I had all the cards at just over 250 hours (there’s some dead time there). All the cheats I’m making are to try and find unused stuff or allow cosmetic effects.
For unused stuff the only thing I’ve found is getting to battle shadow + story only npc, and the Neutral land.
Still, it’s fun learning how the game works.
Andyman – 今日 午前3時29分
RDude – 今日 午前3時30分
Unlocking Shadow was the only thing cheats wise I’ve done (and I only did that after accidentally unlocking him for a couple other people I was playing with first).
(Turns out finishing a fight with Shadow unlocks him permanently. I lost connection so I never finished the fight, but the 2 people I was playing against in a team battle had him unlocked at the end.)
Andyman – 今日 午前3時34分
wait what?
RDude – 今日 午前3時36分
Gary and I think Kiyba or Weslord has him unlocked after fighting me + shadow online.
Andyman – 今日 午前3時37分
we shall have to do that, because I want him in my game :smiley:
that would make offline deck testing a LOT better
if you’d be so kind :smiley:
RDude – 今日 午前3時39分
I can probably do that with the unused npc too, who has access to every book including your costom ones. The only problem is that the number of battles/wins against them changes all the time so it’s reading data from elsewhere, but it should be fine.
Andyman – 今日 午前3時42分
kind of amazed I’ve made it this far with the Starter deck quest… there’s been a few matches so far that were far more difficult than anything I faced in the older games
Sonatro – 今日 午前4時4分
@RDude I’ll have to get that as well if you don’t mind.
RDude – 今日 午前4時7分
Ok, I’m eating right now but I’ll see about it after. 😀
Andyman – 今日 午前4時8分
Sonatro – 今日 午前4時16分
Well, I’ll be gone in a bit but I’m totally down
RDude – 今日 午前4時37分
Just did a quick match with 3 of the ai. 2 said they unlocked, but none was unlocked in the end. So it’s just Shadow you can unlock this way.
That also means no high quality sprites of Cindy and Nina and such from the Cepter Tags page.
Darki – 今日 午前5時31分
No new dice are unlocked during the game?
Weslord – 今日 午前7時15分
As far as I know they’re all dlc besides standard dice.
Andyman – 今日 午前7時46分
@Darki http://www.culdceptcentral.com/culdcept-revolt/culdcept-revolt-guides/ranks-avatars-covers-dice
Culdcept Central
Ranks, Avatars, Covers and Dice
Culdcept Central – Your source for all things Culdcept!
that shows when everything is unlocked and what DLC packs things are in
@RDude you up for a match?
Darki – 今日 午前8時0分
Thank you
Andyman – 今日 午前8時1分
swoonspoon – 2018/05/09
Anybody wanna play?
Alcks – 2018/05/09
@Multiplayer yo
Gary Kaiba – 2018/05/09
@Multiplayer yo

h0530 – 2018/05/09


RDude – 2018/05/09
It seems that all the matches are set for 4 players. It would be nice to see how people play matches in Japan with just 2 players. Still like to watch the tournament though.

Andyman – 2018/05/09
wait… offline? howzat work?

Hiroyoshi – 前週木曜日 午前12時59分
Yoyogi Finalist book

Andyman – 前週木曜日 午前1時0分

Hiroyoshi – 前週木曜日 午前1時3分

20170408.女神杯.決勝_16bits ひろよし 破魔矢 テッド…


Andyman – 前週木曜日 午前2時48分
Weee! My Starter Deck quest is complete! If anyone’s interested, you can read all about it here: http://www.culdceptcentral.com/forum?view=topic&catid=26&id=8114#8913
Culdcept Central – Culdcept Central – Topic: The Fire+Earth Starte…
Culdcept Central – Your source for all things Culdcept!. It begins again! Those who have been around here awhile know that I’ve taken on the challenge of beating each Culdcept game with an unaltered Starter deck. I’ve managed to do it… (1/2)
Starling – 前週木曜日 午前2時53分
Have you learned anything interesting from the experiment?
Andyman – 前週木曜日 午前2時53分
yeah! Revolt is HARD.
Andyman – 前週木曜日 午前3時3分
one thing I noticed during my first playthrough and again during the Starter deck quest… the AI often won’t fight at all, in favor of leveling up a land
that’s something the AI in the previous games almost never does
YuriSwine – 前週木曜日 午前3時4分
they tend to not fight unless they can take it for sure is what I was seeing
Andyman – 前週木曜日 午前3時5分
I’ve seen the AI not fight even when they can
I imagine there’s a G formula the AI uses to decide if it’s cost-effective now

RDude – 前週木曜日 午前3時19分
I’m one of those people that ignore these types of posts until it’s finished (and play another game instead of a beta, etc.) When I get some free time I’ll be taking a read.
Also when I read offline for the tournament, my mind just took it as no internet.

Andyman – 前週木曜日 午前3時22分
yeah, but Revolt has no offline multiplayer?

RDude – 前週木曜日 午前3時30分
I’m thinking offline =internet, not offline=wireless. But we’ll see.
With translation and all that.

Andyman – 前週木曜日 午前3時31分
yeah, or maybe they just mean “in the same room” heh

h0530 – 前週木曜日 午前8時1分
OFFLINE means “in the same room”.

Andyman – 前週木曜日 午前8時2分

Weslord – 前週木曜日 午前10時47分
Those were some godlike rolls in that posted game.

Great Pluckster (SwapGo) – 前週木曜日 午後10時22分
I scrolled up to the tournament winning lists
Does nobody invade

Andyman – 前週木曜日 午後10時23分
their meta is very defensive compared to ours, it seems

Great Pluckster (SwapGo) – 前週木曜日 午後10時26分
Admittedly going for offense in a tight FFA is a risky affair but, damn
Like there arent event any offensive combos
No Chariots, no Paralyzis
Fire Duke with no Weapons lol
確かにオフェンシブで行くのはFree for Attackにおいてリスキーだけど、んー、チャリオットもバインドミストもないフレイムデュークはいるけど武器がないとは。

Andyman – 前週木曜日 午後10時26分
yeah, you’d think in even a very defensive deck, they’d have something as go-to offense
otherwise, you’re just building a house of cards (heh)
because the moment somebody with more offense starts in on you, you can’t get back what they take

Great Pluckster (SwapGo) – 前週木曜日 午後10時28分
No Geysers?!
Thats the absolute easiest way to steal a land in a no offense deck
Shock Blow tends to be unwieldy

Andyman – 前週木曜日 午後10時28分
lots of high-HP creatures, so maybe their meta shifted away from Geyser

Great Pluckster (SwapGo) – 前週木曜日 午後10時31分
I cant watch that match rn but it looks like a boring match
Basically people playing Monopoly with 4 Magical Leaps

Andyman – 前週木曜日 午後10時31分
that’s probably a big part of why no offense too… they can just jump often to avoid tolls

Great Pluckster (SwapGo) – 前週木曜日 午後10時34分
Ok but
Leveling a land to 5 costs 1200 G
Paralyzing it and Great Tuskering it costs me like 200
Its not about avoiding the toll but about getting a massive G advantage with no investment and setting someone back

Andyman – 前週木曜日 午後10時36分

Great Pluckster (SwapGo) – 前週木曜日 午後10時38分
Hell, dont even Paralyze
A good Land Drain does the trick
Costs me literally negative money the second they mess up

Andyman – 前週木曜日 午後10時39分

Great Pluckster (SwapGo) – 前週木曜日 午後10時39分
Get Syphon’d

RDude – 前週木曜日 午後11時0分
Looking through the #book2png it seems that most decks are built with about 80% of the spells/items being the same and creatures all being mostly all big powerful cards.
You generally see the same creatures being used between the different types. I do believe that it’s the nature of the 4-player format they’re playing.
They’re always a single type too, and not mixed.
There’s almost no hidden cards, but that’s because of how they’re less effective. Attacking someone hand in 1v1 has a lot more effect than 1v1v1v1. You also have a hard time getting enough lands for something like Homegrounds to work.

Andyman – 前週木曜日 午後11時7分
I love me some Home Ground
it’s a great fallback… if you can grab the lands you need, great! If not, hit up Home Ground and get them that way
that does bring up a good point… I need to start making 1v1 and FFA versions of decks
I do a little now, but I need to really tweak them to fit the match type

Great Pluckster (SwapGo) – 前週木曜日 午後11時21分
Playing 1 element means youre less likely to have to contest another player
Which is kind of relevant in FFA

Andyman – 前週木曜日 午後11時21分

Great Pluckster (SwapGo) – 前週木曜日 午後11時21分
Also you dont need that much disruption in FFA
A timely Shatter does work but usually players will wear each other out
Ideally, ofc, but these books dont seem like they even try to pressure

Andyman – 前週木曜日 午後11時23分
yeah, as time passes I’m leaning more toward eliminating threats in FFA rather than outright disruption

Great Pluckster (SwapGo) – 前週木曜日 午後11時26分
Id still run four Poison Mind
Gives me information and lets me pinpointedly remove something in not looking forward to
Without spending a card

Andyman – 前週木曜日 午後11時26分
no question

Great Pluckster (SwapGo) – 前週木曜日 午後11時27分
I have a book thats basically just
Fast cycling
With all the cantrip enchantments and PM
And then Purify to cash out
Its not too much cash (20 per different enchantment) but you get to mess up the board in the interim
Throwing out Diseases and Vortex

Andyman – 前週木曜日 午後11時30分
I’m amazed we don’t see Purify a lot more
I wonder if it’s because people don’t realize that it removes everything

Great Pluckster (SwapGo) – 前週木曜日 午後11時31分
Because why Purify the Quicksand when you can Leap

Andyman – 前週木曜日 午後11時31分
or maybe people just don’t want to wipe off their own stuff

Great Pluckster (SwapGo) – 前週木曜日 午後11時36分
Just realized someone was on 4 Barriers
Maximum Solitary

Andyman – 前週木曜日 午後11時37分


Sigh – 前週木曜日 午後11時52分
What’s #book2png? @RDude
Andyman – 前週木曜日 午後11時53分
it’s a Twitter-based deck builder, but it’s in Japanese
it’s where those nifty deck list images come from
Sigh – 前週木曜日 午後11時53分
I’ve seen some of those on the CC facebook page
Oh snap, there’s a user-created draft mode?
That sounds freakin’ awesome
Andyman – 前週木曜日 午後11時54分
yeah, it’s slick
Sigh – 前週木曜日 午後11時55分
Y’all run a tournament with it yet?
Andyman – 前週木曜日 午後11時55分
yeah, Revolt League I just wrapped up
we’ll be opening signups for our next one here very soon
Sigh – 前週木曜日 午後11時56分
I’d be tempted to sign up, but the combination of noob + japanese site + I’m heading out soon means I’ll have to pass
Will there be VODs of the games?
Andyman – 前週木曜日 午後11時58分
oh, we don’t use the Japanese stuff for the tourneys
the next one will be on challonge.com most likely(編集済)
Sigh – 前週木曜日 午後11時59分
The japanese site has the draft doesn’t it? Or is there a different one?
Andyman – 前週金曜日 午前12時0分
not sure, it’s useful for deck building, but not required

Andyman – 昨日 午後11時39分
now it doesn’t matter
there were spells that let you use a creature wherever it was (like Telegnosis, which let you select anything to use)
and there was Chariot and Relief
RDude – 昨日 午後11時41分
Which of the old games would you recommend a Revolt player to play?
Andyman – 昨日 午後11時42分
all of them :smiley:
they’re like different kinds of pizza to me
all good, all different
RDude – 昨日 午後11時42分
Well that doesn’t help.
Andyman – 昨日 午後11時42分
I would start with the oldest though (probably the translated DS game)
then PS2, then Saga
RDude – 昨日 午後11時43分
Good to know there all good though.
I wonder if TWLoader works with it.
(Let’s you load ds games from the 3ds sd card)
Andyman – 昨日 午後11時49分
I would imagine so, it worked fine on my DS from a flash cart
RDude – 昨日 午後11時50分
Some games doesn’t work with it.
Or have bad slowdowns.(編集済)
Andyman – 昨日 午後11時52分
RDude – 昨日 午後11時52分
I got it just to play a New Super Mario mod, but it didn’t load last the title screen. So I haven’t touched it since. I should update and see if it works.
Amazon auto corrects sucks!
Andyman – 昨日 午後11時53分
auto correct sucks period
first thing I did with my phone was disable that nonsense
RDude – 昨日 午後11時55分
Yeah but stock Android and my iPhone at least doesn’t make real terrible stuff.
(Trust me, you wouldn’t even be able to understand what I say at times without it.)
Andyman – 昨日 午後11時56分
that’s interesting… I just looked through all the Secret Art creatures… the only ones with a mass effect are Nil-Vana, Sharazad and Lord of Bane
and Rune Adept, technically
I miss Venomouspore (Plague on demand)



RDude – 今日 午前12時0分
Should see if I can make something that can make use of Lord of Bane at some point.
Andyman – 今日 午前12時1分
he’d be good with Tetrarm
RDude – 今日 午前12時1分
Most things I’m thinking of are fire though.
Andyman – 今日 午前12時1分
Nike too
RDude – 今日 午前12時3分
Andyman – 今日 午前12時3分
RDude – 今日 午前12時3分
Andyman – 今日 午前12時3分
Mad Harlequin
RDude – 今日 午前12時3分
Nightmare and Thunder Spawn
You don’t even need water creatures with a 60 TS attacking things without land boost.
Bandit, Trojan Horse, and Decoy.
And Thief
Andyman – 今日 午前12時9分
Decoy would be ruthless with a shot or 2 from LoB
RDude – 今日 午前12時10分
Bloody Pudding and Echinoderm
Kaiser Penguin, Scylla, Triton.
Andyman – 今日 午前12時13分
Sea Bonze
ever had a high-ST Sea Bonze pay you a visit with Chariot? yeah, that’s not fun
RDude – 今日 午前12時16分
Martial Monk and Samhain without synthesis, and Tornado, Centaur and Sleipnir are the last that are those 3 types that gets the biggest help.
Andyman – 今日 午前12時17分
I smell an Attacks First deck cooking
RDude – 今日 午前12時17分
None of them gets crit though, and only gets 40-50 before boost.
Andyman – 今日 午前12時18分
Blitz Raven too
RDude – 今日 午前12時18分
Without items I mean.
Andyman – 今日 午前12時18分
toss some Storm Spear or other Critical Hit items in there
it’d be pretty fierce
though LoB helps your opponents too
RDude – 今日 午前12時20分
Vigilante just to survive the battle.
Shocker, Sulfurous Balloon, Angry Mob, Cait Sith (both ways), Hive Worker, Line Beast, Ammon, Creeping Flame, Fire Drake, Has Cloud, General Guan, are fire creatures that benefits.
Andyman – 今日 午前12時30分
I’d probably stick with Water and Air, so you get LoB’s boost too
RDude – 今日 午前12時30分
Yeah, this is more of a wish list.
Andyman – 今日 午前12時30分
Kirin would be pretty terrifying with LoB’s SA, boost, Synergy and MH’s boost
that’d be kinda funny in battle actually
call the deck Nitrous
RDude – 今日 午前12時34分
Gooba (and Mycoron), Healer, Branch Army, Captain Cock, Coatlicue, Gargoyle, Tiger Weta, are some more for boost.
Dryad, Grimalkin, Jackalope, Mormo (70), Odradek, Pixie, Sage, Woodfolk, Sharazad, Valkyria and Ground Gear are Support creatures that I didn’t mention.
I also didn’t mention Kawahime.
She can keep things from getting (or loosing) boosts.
Loose ten, keep ten.
Plus anything you want to use Fat Body on.
A lot of 40 creatures can benefit from being hit with Kawahime, but that’s requires a lot of set up for a 10 boost (90 st from Rokh is no joke, and Amazon likes too).
HP boosted Amazon + Outrage is a good combo by itself too.
Gelatinous wall for the same combo, just more potential cash, and less stealing.
Gelatinous wall for the same combo, just more potential cash, and less stealing.
RDude – 今日 午前1時0分
Outrage+Attack First is good for taking lands. Make them attack you, making them lose their land boost in the process.
YuriSwine – 今日 午前1時45分
alright “fixed it” according to what I think. No idea if it sucks or not but I got it it is for sure 1v1 and not an ffa deck
Andyman – 今日 午前1時47分
Sigh – 今日 午前1時50分
Man, Gladiator’s ability seems nice, but those stats are rough. Dude can invade, but defending? Nope.
Andyman – 今日 午前1時51分
he used to be better (he had 50ST)
he’s a solid defender with Eagle Rapier
Sigh – 今日 午前1時52分
If only I had some o’ those lol
Andyman – 今日 午前1時52分
overall though, he’s mainly good in a very aggressive deck
Sigh – 今日 午前1時53分
I might be able to do something with him and Chimera
I dig that ever-increasing ST
In all honesty, I suck at even intermediate book building
Andyman – 今日 午前1時56分
lol you don’t suck, it just takes some time
I try to build most of my decks so that most/all of the creatures can use most/all of the items, and so that they can be used on offense and defense wherever possible
it cuts down on “bad” draws
Sigh – 今日 午前1時59分
I dunno, I’m tempted to make something hyper-focused
instead of well-rounded offense and defense
Andyman – 今日 午前1時59分
that helps too, as long as it has answers for most threats to it
Sigh – 今日 午前2時0分
but focusing on invading kinda sucks w/o “attacks first” stuff
or plenty of armor obv
Andyman – 今日 午前2時0分
you can always go a different route if Attacks First is giving you trouble
like Angry Mask (let them kill themselves) or Spiked Shield
use things like Gelatinous Armor to cash in on their attacks
Binding Mist is always handy too, just stop them from attacking or even equipping items
that one works best with a move invasion the same turn
Sigh – 今日 午前2時4分
Do move invasions maintain Land HP bonuses?
Andyman – 今日 午前2時5分
the defender does, but not the invader
Sigh – 今日 午前2時7分




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