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Very much ~!
ALL JAPAN CEPTER'S CUP 2012, it was cheers for good work ~!
Much diary from around when the princess Cup of intermediate announcement came out I wanted to write, but what I have become now in the kettle and.
From qualifying period to rally the end, I think let's spelled as long as I remember.
Personal name also comes out a lot, but please forgive me!
Then you fold it will be to fool like long their talks later.
... Are', Hen know too after a long time editing I thought I Tatamimo! Sunmasen!


[Part 1] King's Cup

I now have to live asked to cultivate the older woman to have a socially sufficient status. (It does not have to be asked to stop reading the other at this point)
Because it is abandoned and Failure to show a certain extent the will that you are trying to self-reliance, is a part-time job in order sorry until weekday evening - night.
A few months before the dates of the tournament will be announced, has become a story that will take me to travel abroad in the full arrogance, schedules I have wonderfully wearing the King's Cup.
Older woman (hereafter called "Women") to have a socially sufficient status is, whether I was me not understand also the love of the Culdcept, such as "Do you try to cancel the trip." was silenced in Hatay one shot the cheek so it leaves out.
Feeling I really was happy, but in a tournament of qualifying do not know whether you can compete with the front of the travel expenses of the eye, we decided to choose the former.
Yes, I was late I say, I is scrap.

Against this backdrop, we participate in the once King's Cup, or as it is diverted a book that has been used in a previous choice, with or round stole the Motchi's water pre-emptive Vitality book, excuse as "because there is no anyway time." , did not that play in earnest.
When coming back from a trip, King's Cup has long ago finished, did not become even bother to check their score.
Know that you still have the second half of the Princess Cup still a chance Fortunately, because there was no other particular schedule, we decided to not make excuses.
Became an opportunity that solidified the decision is, was Kokkyun's Tweets.
Struck in the chest to the fondness of the qualifiers, I was reminded and are completely defeated.
It is the actual Kokkyun I did not win at all to play several times in the King's Cup, Cardo blog post (especially 8/24) did not can only nod regardless of the number of read-back.
There, Love button that is attached only one in that article is my handiwork. I noticed from the press to the profile sentence, Sunmasen!
Strong and funny Scepter of the words sound really, I felt, as he has shown that I am the do.


[Part 2] Princess Cup

Because to me there is a Crock of proof that was in first place in the Culdcept DS last rankings, it has led to self-confidence.
In order to pass through the qualifying "become stupid to the limit that can be their own", in my now decided that there is only this.
Specific strategy, to the intermediate announcement anyway earn the number of the game, letting remember how to achieve the body in it.
After the intermediate announcement could only go in the form of experience books and Playing obtained so far.
We have to introduce the book that has been used most often in the first half.

Princess Cup fire ran(By makosu)
Steam gear2Necro scarab2Appuhibaru2
Barudan dozen2 Spartoi2
Bandit3 Vitality2
Gas Cloud2 Feast3
Konjara2 Foresight2
Sulfur balloon2 Heist4
Sharazado3 Hope2
Pyro Mansart2 Holy word 84
Pillar Flame2 Magic Boost3

Select the fire is less fog color, fees Sutomaji blanking bought amulet sprinkling rose a chestnut cheaper.
Since I run where everyone does not get in the way, faster than that guy is me up without permission, it was the concept.
Even if there is no high stepping and ends at 15 to 30 minutes. (Stepping is entered shortest was 10R / 8 minutes)
To reduce as much as possible the stress of "work", research and achievement in the form of a map is to me is the sense of school that makes remember the body repeatedly the number was easy-to-use book.
Among them was strong for the Bandit. Though not willing to Nante harassment, invasion only to place gave me also avoid let alone both sides.
It is also were many to become a medium-term idle book began to fashion the collateral of Ererasu.
Spartoi also because it contains but I think that is more of influence was better than Appuhibaru, and thought, "This guy is not a big deal" because the troubled also be keeping an eye on to the intermediate announcement comes out that aimed at winning streak from the second half of as get (it is not really a big deal, but!), was running sneak in the fire.
To the intermediate announcement this book in the main, we did about 150 races.
Changed the book to the wind after that, going to play around little by little in accordance with the environment, we felt that.

Princess Cup-style run(By makosu)
Shade fork1Counter shield1Influences2
Konjara2Necro scarab1Weathering1
Corn fork2 Vitality3
Sprite2 piece1
Spector2 fly4
Naiki2 Heist4
Night1 Hope2
Hurricane2 Holy word 84
Holy Lama3 Magic Boost3
Master Monk2 recall4

Select the wind there are Lama, put your feet up to nearly the limit, SANAE run.
Triumph It was strength likely to watch, because my foot was faster than anyone else, the enemy is sharing a ride to the amulet that would invest the funds obtained in the Triumph, Korapu fly toward the land possession to fall together so, it was not first struck.
Doremaji also a judgment that's just magic of the place is flat, I put that amount foot.
Is sufficient if a few chain to the south, was around Kuinte also struck interference does not stand out too much.
Influences for it was insanely strong, just to hold Kuinte even did not Eaters also.

The end result is the match point 255. (In the image is 261, but was CPU and the races 6)
Results for the most recent 10 games, six wins and four losses of 1,1,1,1,4,1,1,3,2,2.
Because it was the results announced 1105 point of the official site, it was expected to street.
Also the cutting did not even once it was lucky.

1040 point to about two days before the deadline came out, but was continued because the polo shirts wanted. (Since the 1100 point had been thought that it is necessary to pass anyway)
It was this results in Neba' until noon on the last day, the second half is really the win was difficult.
Anyway, hit the same person only! It also close people (more than 10,000) of arena points only!
Be confirmed KOs remaining in the now Scepter tag, up to 60 races, 52 races, 40 races, 39 races, 32 races and! 20 round table also had a few people.

However, when compared to the first half of the game work feeling was strong, which Scepter also the second half of the game that has come to aim a winning streak in earnest, it was purely insanely fun.
I When you put together for the first time play map of the book, previously Cepter's but Note you start a strength likely people of the book, etc. from place to round rip-off, to do so is that "because strong people have adopted." , it was from reason nor in the following even more.
However, this time it only playing try, those of "why strong people have adopted" has been found on your own, I was very happy.

Of the final result of the most recent 10 games, My favorite is the game is five races eyes was the lowest.
4 severe, but the I was in the winning streak deployment, in a situation that can be targeted if the second place, that strike the hand of "can not win only this way" with nature.
As a result, it was the 4-position of not reach.
Why I do not know what did not the second place aim at that time, but the attitude toward the Culdcept It was certainly that had changed is with me so far through this qualifying.

8 game day, the 3-position of the game was a complete defeat. And the most frustrating was the game are the last two races.
9 match first is at the foot game, resulting in had to win in the draw if you're using the Hope, which had been left me stingy hitting recall "for when there was something".
10 games eyes even in people the same table you lose a little while ago, leg match, was defeated without subtracting the one-third of the Heist in the same deployment.
Because it was insanely frustrating It was enough energy for another 10 games, but it was lunch on the final day if noticing.
And so was also becoming slower pace that apparently matching for the past two days, hang up the handset, which was taking in hand trying to hooky bytes, it has closed the 3DS.


[Part 3] towards the tournament

Been announced shortly qualifying result, I received a somehow hand to give up was polo shirt.
The results knew of the Twitter open first go home, was the message that "I passed through Shome!" From the X's.
Excited about the body of blood flows backward at once, to check their names on the official website in a hurry, was rolling up incidentally update pummeled the exposed thread in magicmover.
Much more than I thought border was surprised to was low, but the second half winning streak aim the same set of thought that I was convinced the kana for was a mutual crush on each other in a field marked with Hili.
Also it was able to win really think I was lucky six times in such.
Other who have passed there is also the name of the scepter that wanted to actually met for a long time, finally to think that what is side-by-side that way we and the shoulder, seemed sincerely really was good been working in earnest.

Familiar and me have supported all the way, older women have a social sufficient status (Sunmasen, forgot to the later "Women") also me pleased as my thing , it gave us every day took such as the exclusive grilled meat When I spoiled as "I wonder .. I want to eat Yeah Mon to celebrate." Choroi is mon.
When I had the opportunity to return to the home to the sister of the birthday also to report to the family, my mother gave me and willing "Aho Ya Do ~, I there worth When doing up there!".
My father just bought a recent smartphone to do not know how to use it, voice search app? Or something, had been chanting "... Culdcept! ... Culdcept !!" towards the mobile. Screen was still in the dark.
And "my name this and Ninen", and show the contestants decision page of the site to the father, nod and "feces", asked my avatar (woman witch) pointing, and "what or this, or Monchhichi?" now that we have, he replied only with "Seyade!".
When I peek so come show me a while to mobile and father happily "Look", perched there was a my avatar wallpaper.
I was Mashi tsukkomi and "is what a stiff!", But I was happy.
Since the sister was that was previously in cooperative play, me and willing "Makoto-chan yan amazing!". (By the way, my sister does not call me and brother also that of my once until now, is much more "Makoto-chan")
And also to another one of the sister "Keep a look from being broadcast on Nico students I went to the final!" And tell, I went back to his room muttered only a "Homoo ...".

Main Draw that the new map from the semi-final, I was allowed to daily nightly practice in Karukoro. (Innocence's, weathering-san, people who play together, Thank you!)
Until now, I had never ranking war just a friendship game that can participate easily was little, I could play against a lot of Scepter try calling.
It is impressions warfare Iau such as "That hand How was the" fun after that still has ended the match.

Culdcept is, that it is a game to compete whether it is how much excuse while spear I'm thinking.
Culdcept is, that it is a game to compete whether it is how much excuse from finished spear I'm thinking.
So, please quit to excuses before to do the Culdcept.
Absolutely interesting game. Please try it without excuses.

If you won, I have written about that was going to say in an interview (in for guys wearing stingy to rule) for beginners.
But I But I think likely Ya and Honma.
Through from qualifying to the tournament, at this time, which has been playing seriously without the excuse, it is my property definitely.

After, this is I was wondering whether or not write, but I write.
Determines the main race played, but was that of a go to take up companion 3 people, 2 people of the beginning I decided immediately.
The older woman to have a socially sufficient status (), Tokyo of acquaintance that is taken care of from the usual.
Both Culdcept do not know.
Called precisely because I do not know, there is also like a place, but it is the third person that I was not over anyone to voice even after all have lost.
Between me and the Culdcept, wanted to put you voice to people who became very indebted.

In the diary and off competition Association of concept part, Yoshikazu, who taught me the basic fight side of the Culdcept.

Play together in full force until the end in the DS last rankings, Domoboi (hero Domomo) made me aware of the fun of Culdcept's.

Among the painful of the Princess Cup qualifying, bald dad who gave me continued to place a reassuring tweet all of Scepter.

Like most play at the Princess Cup, the other winner of this state when the qualifying was able funny game about good to came to an end, SY's.

Determines the main race played, everyone, including Erich, who I am going out to practice until early late in Karukoro.

Most sense of a scepter undisputed in this work, my husband's in the pasta boiled.

I already, I do not have and go like Kiri.
If when it comes to elect one person from this, the degree to which helped me? Transients in Akan, such with a superiority or inferiority.
That I do not know the why did not allow me.
"I silence was correct!" Is the old days to issued quiz, such as similar in Hunter Hunter something if there is like a flow, is my time, but I remember was laughing in the nose, somehow meaning is understood, if now I feel like will.
Rear out I'm not sorry, but I tried to spell honest because that fine was troubled all the way.



Well, is pincers Is the Main Draw.
And the day before entering, but I arrived at the venue quite early even on the day, he had lined up a few more people scepter to accept.
Polo shirts that had long waiting for the arrival at home, has been handed over at the reception. Me not when the previous say!
Every time, but I guess annual, his scepter business card was really impressed!
Tokyo acquaintance of the accompanying person, while translation for this day do not know me have studied a look at the DS version tournament videos, and "Shibata-san (Sepuko) is seems Shinkansen Now!", Also prep It was perfect. (!! eventually Sepuko is that did not come)
Since I a scepter from the DS version, was allowed to see the face photograph of the main race contestants at the time of pre-DS tournament in the correct answer, we were able greetings to the famous Scepter's.
However, because were often come also other people around, will leave to act alone has been a frequent ambush in the toilet, I think I have been surprised over the sudden voice. Excuse me!

Is too fun to the exchange of business cards scepter at the venue, I have thought, "originally I took" honest anymore here.
The most tense of did when the first round of the first half 4 Zhuo began. (Since I was late in the lottery order, I was able to watch the state of competition that is displayed on the monitor)
In particular, the state of your family to watch the Kayo's opening accident Ri feeling was Mashi most key.
Procedure there were also Scepter facing your head realized the Eliminated not catch up.
His, so far background for Culdcept of is freely imagined, chest became insanely painful. Why all won Chaunen!

Settled in the meantime (it did suffer earth 4), which consoles me our game in the second half of the first round earlier than began soon.
I book used was, a little disconnect the foot from the wind book that has been used in qualifying, was obtained by adding a Triumph 2 and Theft 1.
Dokubin's also wind, Chisato and Chokuhi's seamount was the earth.
Early, not he only Naiki is in my hand, it was the so-called accident.
Aggression from your hand to Konjara placed in the cathedral next to at Spector drawn somehow after a few R, relieved can take away good luck.
2 people of the earth will continue to extend the basic north area, the wind also select the north.
Is I have lost every other without entering orbit bonus is too much, I do not keep up even speed to buy amulets, somehow vacant land will attempt to secure a larger amount of the southern land.
The way, I Mr. Dokubin was out die Ubaeru in my water land Naiki straight tread at the branch from the south of the fort, was really saved it had me going towards the vacant lot a little thinking. What was the judgment that in so as not to give the extra hate, this is also luck was good.
Extend the chain in such disasters, Lv5 Majibu exits also dice determined by the fixed, but was also able to preserve the legs feel good in your hand, here in the seamount's is stepping Lv4's Dokubin.
As it is Majibu also fixed Dokubin's recall the time being I Theft of, Mr. Chokuhi extending without any from early problems to the situation that only go back to the castle around the fort.
Positionally Chokuhi Mr. ahead in marching first place, to become the second in the Dokubin's a total magic, there is no remaining time.
I was the Cathedral next to Spector to Lv5 from the amulet selling, but I bet to be trodden under dice's Chokuhi 1/7 does not pull so.
Then I further capital increase in the recall, because still recall in your hand there were two light if their own disaster to the next R, then first place in the other one shot recall! It seamount's in until the necessary cooperation of Chokuhi's recall Theft of from Theft demon pull! Yossha, win! ! It was Mashi prospectus (0.1 seconds), but did not give me is also waiting 2R.
20R Dechokuhi's marching end. It became eliminated in the first round.

Although the match is immediately terminated fell truly, and Erich, who came to call out, and are Ia' your impressions of the game in the Chokuhi's, a deep story of Culdcept the first time in flesh and blood of human beings There also was able to, was more of joy overcomes.
Here than that their national tournament came to an end, and realize that I was able to so much variety of encounter through Culdcept so far, could not have sprung up only feeling that "really was good!".

Cheer why Cho Kuhi, who use the book with a familiar in the semi-final, in the final was nice to support Mr. Motchi became a big fan since attached fascinated by the strength Yoyogi Cup a few years ago to a seat right in front of is.
That's right, long-haired red polo shirt of Famitsu article is me.
In particular, pre-book publishing and play-by-play of the finals, about good to not touch too late, everyone I think it was raised.
Come together at the venue, I am happy who can experience up close the breath of the finalists.

Roca's, Congratulations win! Hen Coarsely Wake to win Anna mon!
Jack's, sleep is I think that was the most of excitement that day!
Ryo-chan's, look at your book, and I remember the contents of the time being prepared to have the finals for the book, it was now ashamed and without any concept!
Mr. Motchi, only pre-book introduction, mess chest was throbbing violently! And I was again reminded of the difference of case!

Quickly end the closing ceremony, was thrilled to be chanting also experience appears to be a usual practice "cardo the best!".
Then at all time even launch that I was allowed to participate is I was allowed to interact with various people about not enough.
Personally it can also be again in contact with the person who Greetings wanted to, now really good experience to hear live also Naotaka's dissed of!

Oh, it was good. It was good to doing Honmani Culdcept.
After losing in the first round, I think that much had to say just that.

At the same Another, there was to be happy.
2 people both did not know any Culdcept of the companion is, this day throughout the day (especially watching the play-by-play of the final), it was me saying, "I want to start a Culdcept".
Joy can know that get to have an interest in their favorite thing, but I thought that was really good out on the tournament, here I've recommended and safe Mario tennis.


~ It was everyone cheers for good work! ~ Please do play together in the future!


Reaction to this article

  • rarirururu64000rarirururu64000 (November 6, 2012)

    Wonderful N Makos is!
    Emotional There are things to read.

  • holstholst (November 6, 2012)

    Though I was impressed with as if reading a half a lifetime Symbol!
    In particular, the downlink of wallpaper from Monchhichi is hot!
    But was not regret the fact that using a workbook that was playfully at once doing chain spar,
    Recall the time was playing suddenly together DS era, I would like you if you forgive me because I wanted to play really.

  • Erich (November 6, 2012)

    Welcome back, cheers for good work -
    It is a nice blog Makos's personality is best seen w
    Thank you also wrote twice that of me!

    Main race day to watch the semi-final along with Makos's, the middle Chokuhi's book of
    The moment of goose bumps that I noticed in truth does not forget I'm sure.
    (To the semi-finals Motchi's game was likely seen, thank you for going out)


  • Motchi (November 6, 2012)

    w that pretty impressed was I do not know something well
    It says that was brought for Women ().
    By the way, over that it is waiting to be Upu I be expected because the likely semi-final of the game is pretty good game

  • maruko (November 7, 2012)

    This work is fiction.

  • fira (November 10, 2012)

    So is similar to the name kettle Worksop's, "there, something Etchii Zone ......" mistaken for Mr. Masoppu of the article is the secret of thought

    The Makos Mr. kindly call your name, I did was because I have been prep. The head will fall. m (_ _) m

    Makos's thought was the article transmitted.
    Among them, it is good to be able to happily Cardo with people of companion ^^

    In my princess Cup was not able to play against only only Makos's the one time, but at that time there was in the disappointing results on their own chestnut large accident. (A Utah-san is when you use Wolf book)

    Also let 's play.
    今後とも よろしくおねがいします。